インタフェースデザイン特論のページは個人情報や論文データを含む為,年度ごとの実施内容は一般公開されていません. 授業内でログインIDを通知します.ログインできない場合は馬場に直接連絡を取ってください.

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Class Policy


This course will be focused on reading in turn the most recent research theses on human computer interaction. The technology and basic knowledge covered by each thesis will be followed up in class as necessary. A thesis for each student to oversee will be assigned to students taking this course, who will be asked to give presentations lasting around 20-30 min.

A Note on Language Used

  • 論文はすべて英文.発表者は英語及び日本語での発表を選択することができます.なお英語による発表の場合,質疑応答も英語になります.
  • 単位履修者の中に日本語での受講が困難な学生が1名以上いる場合,該当者が発表の際は講義をすべて英語にて実施する場合があります。
  • All theses are in English. Presenting students have the option of presenting in English or Japanese. Note that when presenting in English, the Q&A that follows will also be in English.
  • In cases where credit earners include at least one student who has difficulties taking the course in Japanese, all lectures might be administered in English.


英語論文の読解力や先端研究におけるトレンドを学ぶ.ACM CHIやUIST等における初期から最新の論文を読み解くことで,インタラクションデザインの基礎的知識及び論文技術を身につけることが目的.

Students will outfit themselves with the ability to read English theses and will study trends in advanced research. The purpose of this course is to have students develop familiarity with basic knowledge of interaction design and associated thesis techniques by having them read and decipher the latest theses at ACM CHI, UIST, etc. from the beginning.

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